Fursuits and Mascots

All prices are starting prices. They will go up with complexity and number of colors. All fursuit commissions require a quote. Reach out for your free estimate today!

Please review my terms of service before reaching out. Thank you!


Head only


Includes head only.

Expect to save up at least $515

Mini Partial


Includes head, handpaws, and tail.

Expect to save at least $600.


Full Partial


Includes head, hand paws, feet paws, arm sleeves, and a tail.

Expect to save at least $750

Full Suits

Unpadded: $1,000

Padded: $1,400

Includes head, hand paws, tail, feet paws, and a full body suit with or without padding.

Expect to save $1200 for unpadded, $1600 for padded

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